Virtual method call in constuctor

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String Format Patterns

string myName = "Fred"; String.Format("Name = {0}, hours = {1:hh}", myName, DateTime.Now); The fixed text is “Name = ” and “, hours = “. The format items are “{0}”, whose index is 0, which corresponds to the object myName, and “{1:hh}”, whose index is 1, which corresponds to the object DateTime.Now. Schöne Übersicht über die ...

Namespaces in .NET C# & Operatoren

Verwenden von Namespaces (C#-Programmierhandbuch) Operator :: (C#-Referenz) Gewusst wie: Verwenden des Namespacealiasqualifizierers (C#-Programmierhandbuch)

Modifiers – Modifizierer

Aus akutellem Anlass, weil ich es immer wieder so ziemlich vergesse (und zu wenig brauche) MSDN Referenz … Codeproject Tutorial … Modifier Purpose Access Modifiers public private internal protected Specify the declared accessibility of types and type members. abstract Indicates that a class is intended only to be a base class of other classes. const ...