Regionerate Tool für VisualStuio 2012 1

Das sehr gute Regionerate Tool für VisualStuio 2012 gepatcht:


Two things needed for registration:

  • It looks like VS2012 doesn’t read from the HKLM…\11.0\AutomationOptions key at runtime, only at first run. The corresponding key at HKCU…\11.0_Config\AutomationOptions needs to be set as well.
  • A new .AddIn file needs to be created with a Version of 11.0

If you do that, Regionerate will appear, but will hang Studio when you try to use it. The Regionerate code has a bad version check (“not equal” instead of “less than”) that will get stuck in code that doesn’t work for VS2010/2012. Unchecking “Automatically collapse regions” in Regionerate settings might be enough to avoid the bad code.

I made a new version that fixes the version check and has the correct install pieces for VS2012. You can download the installer and changed source files here:!565


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  1. Reply Peter Dez 11,2013 8:53

    Funktioniert zwar, aber irgendwie nicht mehr so sauber wie mit früheren Versionen von VisualStudio. Leider.

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