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Zusammenfassung der Informationen

Von Araxis empfohlene Commandline:

/wait /swap /a3 /3 /title1:%6 /title2:%7 /title3:%8 %1 %2 %3 %4

Commanlines TeamFoundationServer (VisualStudio):

  • %1 = Original file (in diff, the pre-changes file, in merge, the “server” or “theirs” file, the file that is the base file after “their” changes were applied)
  • %2 = Modified file (in diff, the post-changes file, in merge the “yours” file – the base file with “your” changes applied)
  • %3 = Base file (in the 3-way merge operation, the file which both “theirs” and “yours” are derived from – the common ancestor.  This doesn’t mean it’s the version the changes were based from, since this may be a cherry-pick merge)
  • %4 = Merged file (The output file for the merge operation – the filename that the merge tool should write to)
  • %5 = Diff options (any additional command-line options you want to pass to your diff tool – this comes into play only when using “tf diff /options” from the command-line)
  • %6 = Original file label (The label for the %1 file)
  • %7 = Modified file label (The label for the %2 file)
  • %8 = Base file label (The label for the %3 file)
  • %9 = Merged file label (The label for the %4 file)

Commandlines Araxis Merge:

The command-line arguments are described below.

  • /? or /h Displays usage summary.
  • /wait Wait for user to close the compared files in Merge before exiting.
  • /nowait Prevents compare from waiting for a comparison to be closed.
  • /merge Performs an automatic three-way merge to the common ancestor file after comparing three files.
  • /testconflicts When combined with /merge, checks whether an automatic three-way merge would cause merging conflicts. The program’s return code is the number of conflicts encountered.
  • /readonly Prevents the compared files from being edited.
  • /aN (N is 1, 2 or 3) The Nth filename argument specifies a common ancestor of the other two files. The common ancestor is shown in the middle file panel. Only valid for three-way comparisons.
  • /swap Swaps the files displayed in the left and right panels.
  • /max Maximizes the Merge application window.
  • /titleN:"<NthFileTitle>" (N is 1, 2 or 3) Sets a friendly title for the file panel that displays the Nth file specified on the command-line. Single or double quotes must be used to surround the title. This feature enables a VC or SCM system to provide meaningful names for file panel titles. For example, “Djn’s Revision v1.1.1”, “Common Ancestor” and “Jrs’s Revision v1.1.2” could be used as the three file panel titles.
  • /2 Performs a two-way comparison (default). The files <firstFile> and <secondFile> are compared. If present, <mergedOutputFile> is used as the default save filename for the results of any merge.
  • /3 Performs a three-way comparison (only available in the Professional Edition of Merge). The files <firstFile>, <secondFile> and <thirdFile> are compared. If present, <mergedOutputFile> is used as the default save filename for the results of any merge.

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